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Quality Control

New Times Technology Pte Ltd puts the quality of electronics components as paramount important. Although the semiconductors are original, we still do the following steps to prevent any products with potential defects to be shipped to our customers.

  • Visual inspection-Surface marking And Pin-Using Microscope
  • Electrical / Functional Test based on datasheet
  • Reliability Test – The Reliability test is  to support the product life simulation in various environmental conditions for semiconductor devices and electronic
  • X-ray Test- The X-ray is non-destructive tests.
    It is to see through the internal bond pad and circuit for open or short circuit against thespecific IC specifications/data sheet.New Times Technology quality control X-RAY
  • Decapsulation Test
    New Times Technology quality control Decapsulation Test

De-cap via chemical means to removean IC top/bottom side package  to view the information on the internal die andbond pads with a high power microscope




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